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Python for Data Analysis (Wes McKinney) Find it on Amazon

Python for Data Analysis (Wes McKinney)

This is basically the pandas bible. This is not strange given that Wes McKinney, the writer of this book, is the creator of pandas. Reading this book allowed me to understand better how pandas works, and learn to 'think' pandas rather than simply see what sticks. Just like the pandas documentation website, I regularly use this book as a reference for anything pandas related. Available on Amazon.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (Al Sweigart) Find it on Amazon

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (Al Sweigart)

This book was my intro to Python and I can recommend it to anyone looking to make their first steps in programming. Al Sweigart triggers the imagination of what you can do with Python, and makes learning Python a fun experience for the beginner. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is digitally available on for free, and on Amazon as a book. Typically, the Automate the Boring Stuff Udemy course is available at a steep discount, and from time to time completely for free! The first 15 lessons of the Udemy course are available for free on Sweigart's YouTube channel. Available on Amazon and Udemy (full course).

Introducing Python (Bill Lubanovic) Find it on Amazon

Introducing Python (Bill Lubanovic)

There is something about O'Reilly books that makes me want to pick one up whenever I'm learning something new. Learning Python is another example of this. Bill Lubanovic starts from the very basics and gradually builds from there. Although Learning Python focuses on software development more than data analytics/science, it helped me grow my Python toolbox, allowing me to work more effectively and efficiently. My copy is a first edition from 2014, but recently a completely updated second edition was published. Available on Amazon.

Data Science from Scratch (Joel Grus) Find it on Amazon

Data Science from Scratch (Joel Grus)

'Data Science' is a big term that for many beginners starts with importing modules, training models and categorizing flowers in 10 lines of code. You probably already guessed that there must be more going on behind the scenes. Data Science from Scratch gives you a look behind the scenes by building tools that perform tasks that data scientists use every day -- from scratch :). Although in reality you'll import modules to perform a lot of tasks, building from scratch builds your Python skills and data science understanding. I liked this unconventional approach. It helped me scratch my itch in learning the mechanics of data science better. Available on Amazon.